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LabFinder.us was founded in 2014 to help customers find the right lab to meet their testing needs.  We know that finding the right lab can be challenging.  Digging through a web search might eventually direct you to a laboratory’s website, but until now, there had been no good way to get an objective opinion on a laboratory’s service.  Each lab’s website will tell you that they offer the best customer service, the best turnaround time, and the best quality.  Now, you can read the comments left by actual customers to determine if a certain lab is right for you!


The purpose of LabFinder.us is two-fold:


1) Allow users to browse tests, find the laboratories that can perform them, and request information from those labs; and


2) Allow customers to rate and review laboratories so that others can pick the laboratory that provides the desired quality and services.


LabFinder.us is still growing!  Please help us get better by sending us your suggestions, comments, thoughts, likes, dislikes, and concerns.  If you do business with a lab that isn’t listed here, please let us know.  We’d love to add them to our site!  We want to become the one-stop-shop to find laboratory testing services.  You can direct any information to info@labfinder.us.


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