For Customers/Reviewers


Q: I don’t see my review. Why hasn’t it posted?

A: moderates reviews before they are posted. However, be assured that we do not edit content. Reviews are either approved or rejected. And we only reject a review if it contains content that run afoul of our content guidelines (containing things like threats, hate speech, profanity, etc.).


Q: Does remove reviews?

A: Only if they violate our Terms & Conditions or Content Guidelines.


Q: I clicked “Request Test” but nothing happens. What’s going on?

A: In order to request a test, you must be logged in. Please register for an account – it’s free!


Q: If a business pays to advertise, do they get a higher rating?

A: No. Ratings are determined by the average of the customers’ “star votes.”  That is all.


Q: If a business pays to advertise, do they get their negative reviews removed?

A: No. If a business pays us to advertise, they get advertisements.



For Businesses


Q: My lab isn’t listed on How do I get it added?

A: Please email us at from your company email address and include your phone number. We will then send you a link to a form to submit your content.


Q: Why should we become a paying member of

A: By becoming a member of the community, your lab is able to provide an online listing of the tests performed by your laboratory. This listing of tests is searchable by the users of looking for laboratories to perform needed tests. We are working to add functionality to the site in order to allow you to control your lab’s profile. operates on a pay-per-lead model.  We have eliminated listing fees, which means you only pay when customers connect with you!


Q: I see that my lab is listed on How do I claim it and add my content?

A: Currently, only administrators can modify your information. Please email us at from your company email address and include your phone number. We will call to verify your company. We will then send you a link to a form to submit your content.


Q:  What are the various levels of subscription for my lab?

A: aspires to be the largest database of testing laboratories in the US.  Therefore, we list any and all labs we know of.  Your lab may be listed even though you’re not doing business with  However, in order for a lab to receive leads, you must fill out a lab profile and agree to our Terms and Conditions. operates on a pay-per-lead model.


Q: How do I add my test selection to

A: Shoot us an email at and let us know you’d like to add your test catalog.  We’ll then send you a form to use to submit your information.


Q:  We have multiple labs in our company.  Can we get a group discount?

A:  Yes!  Contact for details.


Q: Can I remove my business from

A: No. We publish company information and publicly available information about businesses under the fair use doctrine and First Amendment principles. We understand some companies may want to keep a low profile (for whatever reason), but we strongly believe that customers should have access to the useful information.


Q: Where does get its information?

A: We get our information for basic lab listings from publicly available sources, such as your website, accreditation body listings, third party data providers, and market research sources. Of course, we would prefer if you would become a Premium Lab and provide your own information!


Q: Can I remove negative reviews someone wrote about my lab?

A: No. While we encourage users to write honest, fair reviews, each is entitled to his/her own opinion. We believe customers are best served when they can make informed decisions. We encourage you to take the opportunity to reach out to the customer who wrote the negative review.


Q:  What should I do if someone writes a review about my lab that isn’t true?

A:  We don’t arbitrate disputes, so your best bet is to contact the reviewer or reply publicly to clear up any misunderstandings.  If the review is a clear violation of our Content Guidelines, please bring it to our attention.



Q: Will remove my listing since I’ve trademarked the name of my company?

A: Trademarking your name is a great way to keep other companies from doing business with your name, which causes confusion in the marketplace. However, it does not prevent customers from commenting about your business. Therefore, we do not remove pages for companies who have trademarked their names.


Q: Can I sue for a bad review?

A: You can, but any good lawyer will tell you that 1) consumer speech is protected under the law, even when it’s negative, 2) isn’t responsible for the opinions of your customers, 3) suing will only draw more attention to the negative review, and 4) lawsuits are extraordinarily expensive, and you may be responsible for our legal bills at the end of the case.


Q: My star rating swings wildly back and forth. What is up?

A: Your star rating is based on the average of customers’ ratings. As more customers rate your company, each individual rating counts less.

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